About Us

Sorghum: Customized by Chromatin, Renewable by Nature ™

Chromatin is focused on sorghum — a high-yielding, nutrient-efficient, and drought tolerant crop that is vital to meeting the world’s growing demand for sustainable agricultural systems and can be cultivated on over 80% of the world’s agricultural land.

We are tapping the tremendous natural biodiversity of sorghum to create new seed products that use resources efficiently and grow on marginal land.  Our products are enabling farmers worldwide to produce crops optimized for traditional agriculture or for bio-industrial processes that create renewable chemicals, materials and fuels. 

Our Products

Chromatin develops and sells high quality hybrid sorghum seed from our proprietary and commercially-validated sorghum genetic pool.  By combining sorghum varieties with diverse traits, Chromatin is developing and customizing new seed products for a variety of purposes:

Forage Sorghum Our broad set of forage sorghum hybrids includes types that are highly digestible and ideal for animal feed or for use in enzymatic biodigesters.  Other types provide high energy for thermochemical processes.

Grain Sorghum Our starch-rich grain hybrids are optimized for a large range of geographies and maturities, and include types customized for animal feed, processing as advanced biofuels, or use in gluten-free foods.

Sweet Sorghum Sweet sorghum hybrids are our newest product line, with some types available for testing with our alliance partners.  These products are customized for both existing and emerging markets that require a sustainable, rapidly growing source of sugar for conversion into chemicals, materials or fuels.

Our Capabilities

At Chromatin, our team and facilities are dedicated to meeting the needs of our global customers, whether they are growers that purchase seed or industrial processors in need of sorghum feedstocks.  Collectively, our team has invented, developed and commercialized over 100 agricultural products.

Our researchers deploy the latest breeding methodologies to create high yielding, stable hybrids with high quality traits — they monitor and customize the agronomic and compositional qualities of those crops to fit the needs of our customers. Our pipeline includes products produced by natural breeding, as well as products that enhance sorghum’s properties using Chromatin’s proprietary gene stacking technology.

Our seed production and processing teams manufacture high quality seed that is certified for shipment into over 20 countries. Seed can also be customized with treatments to provide protection against insects, pathogens and herbicides.

Our sales and marketing team leverages a global network of distributors, dealers, agents and growers in order to bring sorghum seed to farmers and feedstocks to bioprocessors.

Our business development team focuses on establishing strategic alliances that co-develop products and provide creative solutions. We have formed relationships with companies focused on traditional agribusiness, as well as alliances with processors focused on biofuels, biopower, and biomaterials.


Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Seed Operations: New Deal, TX
Founded: 2001
Employees: 200+