Chromatin's Advantage

Chromatin brings an organization-wide focus and commitment to sorghum. We have assembled a broad and seasoned team that is combining the inherent versatility of this crop with the latest approaches in crop genetics, breeding, analytics, agronomics and high quality crop production and processing to create products that meet the needs of growers and bioprocessors now and well into the future.

Chromatin’s intellectual property platform begins with a strong foundation in sorghum genetics, built from a broad and established commercial base and supplemented with germplasm sourced from around the world. Each year, our team makes tens of thousands of new genectic combinations, searching for plants with enhanced yields and qualities that meet grower and bio-processor needs. At the same time, our feedstock research group is monitoring the composition of new hybrids and formulating the resulting feedstocks to meet customer specifications.

Chromatin’s business development and sales team provide its products to the marketplace through an established network of sorghum growers and a global sales and distribution infrastructure that spans over 20 countries. Through our alliances with leading companies, we are continuing to tailor sorghum to improve crop performance.

We are focused on solutions, focused on sustainability, and focused on sorghum.