Chromatin delivers high quality sorghum for forward-thinking companies seeking renewable feedstocks. Our sorghum products are reliable sources of starch, sugar, and cellulose that can be tailored to meet customer needs, whether generating energy in the form of electricity or biogas, or producing ethanol and advanced chemicals.

The environmental advantages of sorghum, particularly in areas with limited water resources, make it more economical than other crops, creating opportunities to capture marginal land for bio-industrial purposes.

In addition to today’s feedstock product portfolio, our team is leveraging sorghum’s natural diversity and flexibility, along with our analytical and breeding capabilities, to customize the crop’s composition for specific bio-industrial processes.

Chromatin’s team is experienced in developing commercial projects for our feedstock customers, ranging from small trial plots to tens of thousands of acres. Our products and services include supplying seed, contracting growers, providing agronomic support, and overseeing harvest and delivery of feedstock in the form and specifications required by bio-processors.