Chromatin has concentrated its resources on finding solutions that can address the most pressing global problems facing agriculture. Over the last decade, rising concerns over water scarcity, increasing demand for food due to population and income growth, and the limits of arable land have reshaped the demands on the agricultural sector. As an agbiotech company, we are leveraging our knowledge base in plant genetics, breeding, agronomics, and screening to develop sorghum hybrids for targeted solutions to these pressing problems facing society today.

In building our program in sorghum, we have recruited seasoned leaders for our breeding, production, and research teams, who collectively have invented, developed and commercialized over 100 agriculture products.  Our program directors, all recognized as leaders in the industry, have joined efforts to optimize sorghum to meet to these pressing issues.  These efforts are providing the solutions that will make it possible to maintain a steady supply of renewable crop products in a world of increasingly valuable land and water resources and the growing demands on agriculture from population and income growth. 

Chromatin’s innovations range from a state-of-the-art breeding program that is developing new sorghum hybrids customized for specific uses, to gene stacking technologies that make it possible to reshape the crop for the direct production of biofuels or high value chemicals.   We are supplementing these efforts with collaborations and alliances that bring the latest technology developments to sorghum.  With these efforts, we are confident that sorghum will continue to improve as a source of high quality food and feed, as well as become an optimal source of feedstocks for bioindustrial applications.