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Chromatin, Inc. Acquires Sorghum Production and Supply Company, Production Seeds Plus, Inc.

Jul 23rd, 2014

Chicago, IL  – Chromatin, Inc., a leading agriculture technology company, today announced that it has acquired Production Seeds Plus, Inc., a producer and supplier of forage sorghum seed, including proprietary hybrids with highly digestible biomass yield.

Production Seeds Plus, founded by Mark Marley and based in Plainview, Texas, has provided customers with quality seed products for over 25 years. “We are very proud of the reputation we have gained through our consistent product performance and dedicated customer service,” said Gary Martin, who manages Production Seeds Plus’ sales and crop production. “I am pleased to be joining the Chromatin team, and welcome the opportunity to introduce high quality grain and forage sorghum products from Chromatin’s breeding pipeline to customers served by the Production Plus™ brand.”

The Production Seeds Plus assets more than double Chromatin’s storage and seed handling facilities.  “This additional operating site, along with its experienced team, will provide important flexibility in producing and managing our seed inventory,” said Tim Wilson, Chromatin’s Director of Plant Operations. “This deal makes it possible to support Chromatin’s rapid growth.”

“This is the third sorghum seed company acquisition that Chromatin has made,” said Daphne Preuss, Chromatin’s CEO.  “This transaction expands our business, both in domestic and international markets.  It aligns well with the various moves that have made Chromatin a global leader in sorghum.”

About Chromatin, Inc.

Chromatin, Inc. develops sorghum for both traditional agriculture markets and for uses in new applications. It provides high quality sorghum seeds to growers and producers who are attracted to the crop’s rapid maturation, tolerance to heat, cold and drought and high yields. Today, these Chromatin products yield high performance feedstocks that enter the food, feed, and renewable fuel and power sectors. For additional information, please visit

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