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Chromatin Sponsoring Sorghum U with POET, Sorghum Checkoff, and the High Plains Journal

Apr 3rd, 2013

Chromatin, in partnership with POET, Sorghum Checkoff, and the High Plains Journal is sponsoring a South Dakota session of Sorghum U, a farmer focused education series that gives producers an opportunity to explore the profitability potential and water management qualities of grain sorghum.

During Sorghum U, industry insiders present information on topics ranging from sorghum marketing opportunities, basic and advanced agronomics, irrigation management, and other farm-level practices that will help increase producer profitability. Water management has become an important issue across the High Plains, and sorghum has the ability to produce more crop per drop. The program encourages informal discussions between industry insiders and both experienced and new growers alike.

Ethanol plants are obtaining their feedstocks from diverse sources, and sorghum has drawn recent attention, due to pricing, availability, and the EPA’s recent qualification of sorghum for Advanced Biofuel processes that reduce carbon footprints.  In March, Chromatin and POET announced an agreement to source locally grown grain sorghum for the production of biofuel in POET’s Chancellor, SD ethanol plant, and Chromatin has recently announced alliances with three ethanol plants in California: Pacific Ethanol, Aemetis, and Calgren.  This Sorghum U event will continue Chromatin’s efforts to increase grower awareness about the benefits of grain sorghum.

This is the fourth Sorghum U event and it follows previous events in Kansas, Texas, and Nebraska that were supported in part by Chromatin or its subsidiary, Sorghum Partners.  These events were attended by over 350 growers, who learned about agronomic considerations, opportunities in supplying grain sorghum for biofuels, and local resources to support farmers growing sorghum.

Sorghum U – South Dakota

The Sorghum U session will be held April 9, 2013, at the Bridges Conference Center at Cedar Shore Resort, 1500 Shoreline Drive, Oacoma, SD. Registration starts at 10:00 a.m.

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