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TechAg Demonstrates Exceptional Performance of Sorghum Partners Hybrid Sorghum Products in Mexico

Nov 19th, 2014

Irapuato, Mexico—TechAg, a leading distributor of quality seed products, announced they have demonstrated exceptional performance Sorghum Partners® brand hybrid sorghum seed products in Mexico.

TechAg hosted field demonstrations showcasing the various uses and benefits of Sorghum Partners® seed products at the Expo Agroalimentaria, the largest farm show in Mexico. Sorghum experts representing both Tech Ag and the Sorghum Partners® brand discussed hybrids best-suited for specific sorghum producing regions with over 100 producers and dealers that cover the major sorghum producing areas of Mexico. This year’s Expo Agroalimentaria marks the launch of the 2015 sorghum sales season in Mexico.

Sorghum Partners® hybrids are well established in Mexico and exhibit outstanding performance. The products accessed by Sorghum Partners® brand are developed in the sorghum-focused research program at Chromatin, Inc. that is bringing new and innovative sorghum hybrids to international markets. In 2015, a range of new sorghum hybrids that were developed in this program will be tested in Mexico.

“Sorghum is a very important crop in Mexico and attendees at the Expo expressed great interest in understanding the unique abilities and benefits of our products,” said Charles Miller, Director of Business Development & International Sales for Chromatin, Inc. “Growers and producers around the world are attracted to sorghum’s rapid maturation, tolerance to heat and drought, and high yields.”

“Sorghum Partners® sorghum hybrids have demonstrated superior characteristics compared to many other sorghum products grown in Mexico,” said Manuel Sanchez, General Manager of TechAg’s Seed Division. “Growers have been thoroughly impressed with the highly efficient, highly adaptable qualities that our new hybrid sorghum seeds provide. TechAg’s distribution network provides prompt and easy delivery of these superior products to all sorghum growing regions in Mexico.”

About the Company

TechAg is a company that specializes in distribution and strategic alliances with world class companies to bring the most reliable, select, and high quality seed products to the Mexican market.

Sorghum Partners® seed provides high quality sorghum seeds that are planted on millions of acres around the world. Sorghum Partners® grain and forage sorghum products are carefully processed in a fully equipped seed processing facility in New Deal, Texas. Each seed lot is professionally tested and certified by an in-house seed quality lab that is registered with U.S. and international regulatory authorities. For additional information about Sorghum Partners® seed products call 1-855-SORGHUM. Sorghum Partners® is a brand owned by Chromatin, Inc.

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Chromatin, Inc.

Charles Miller

Director, Business Development & International Sales