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Executive Team

Picture of staff member Daphne  Preuss

Daphne Preuss

President and Chief Executive Officer

As Chromatin’s CEO, Daphne Preuss has assembled a vertically integrated sorghum business with state-of-the-art technologies, a market-leading breeding team, and global sales and distribution networks. After joining the company in 2006, she led the transition from a research stage to a commercial stage, through a series of alliances with leading agriculture companies, acquisitions, and commercial product sales. Preuss previously spent 16 years in plant research, founding Chromatin to commercialize synthetic chromosome technology developed in her laboratory at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and The University of Chicago. She served as the chair of the international committee that oversaw the sequencing of the first plant genome and currently serves on the Board of the Biotechnology Industry Organization as a member of its Food & Agriculture Governing Section Board. She earned a Ph.D. from MIT and performed postdoctoral work at Stanford.

Picture of staff member Charles Miller

Charles Miller

Vice President of Business Development and International Sales

Charles Miller leads Chromatins international alliances and brings extensive experience in international business development. Before joining Chromatin, he was a principal in the sorghum company, MMR Genetics/Richardson Seeds, and after its acquisition by NuFarm, became the Global Development Manager for the sorghum business. Prior to that, he worked for Mars, Inc. for many years where he gained deep experience in trading, logistics, and treasuries. In addition to his role with Chromatin, Miller is also serving in the American Seed Trade Association as Chairman of the Corn and Sorghum Division.

Picture of staff member Scott Staggenborg

Scott Staggenborg

Vice President of Research & Development

Scott Staggenborg leads Chromatin’s innovation and commercialization team that is customizing sorghum feedstocks for renewable energy. Staggenborg brings over 25 years of agronomic and crop physiology experience, most recently as the Co-Director of the Great Plains Sorghum Improvement Center and a Professor at Kansas State University. He previously managed the USDA grant panel that provided the NIFA Bioenergy CAP award, and has worked closely with farmers and extension educators to develop and adapt new cropping systems. Staggenborg received a Ph.D. in Agronomy and Crop Physiology from Texas Tech University.

Leadership Team

Picture of staff member Larry McDowell

Larry McDowell

Director of Field Operations

As Director of Field Operations, Larry McDowell brings over 42 years of sorghum operations, R&D, and management expertise to the Chromatin team. McDowell served as the owner and president of Sorghum Partners, Inc. prior to joining Chromatin. He has held various roles overseeing the production of sorghum, cotton, corn, and sunflower throughout US and International markets and is the owner and operator of Rio Blanco Farms and Wake Land and Cattle in Crosbyton, TX. McDowell is President-elect of the Texas Seed Trade Association.

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