Food is Just as Vital as Oil to National Security

70% of Ukraine is a prime agricultural area. It is responsible for producing a significant portion of the world’s wheat, potatoes, corn, rye, barley, and sunflower oil. Crop shipments from Ukraine to the European Union, India, China, and other parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East are falling as Russian forces block Ukrainian ports. Meanwhile, the flow of grain exports from Russia, the world’s largest wheat producer, is being disrupted by harsh Western sanctions.
Today’s discussion focuses on the global impact of Russia’s war in …

Another Food Crisis?

The consequences of the Ukraine crisis are likely to last for months, if not years. If the cuts in wheat exports from Russia and Ukraine are as severe as expected, global wheat supplies will be severely limited. If fertilizer exports are drastically reduced, global markets for food sources will become tighter. This will put vulnerable people around the world at risk of rising food costs and starvation.
The small …