At Chromatin Inc, we foresee a world where people are healthier and more prosperous than today. To achieve this, we need agri-food systems that are more resilient and free of the threat of global food crises.

This is why we are utilizing science to make a difference. Many farmers have benefited from our research. Our work has helped farmers cultivate more robust, nutritious, and productive crops. We also teach farmers to conserve the environment and combat climate change.

We collaborate with other partners as part of the global network of food research centers whose aim is to deliver science for a food-secure future.

The enhanced varieties and agricultural technology we develop have benefited low- and middle-income nations.

The mission of Chromatin Inc is to help farmers:

  • Provide a return on investment: We are ambitious about offering technology that will guarantee a return on investment for farmers.
  • Offer future-proof seeds: We strive to provide future-proof seeds that perform better, even when pests, droughts, or illnesses harm them. Our seeds provide food that is safer and more nutritious. 
  • Smart farming: We test and promote new crop and soil management technologies. Our advances assist farmers in increasing yields, improving production efficiency, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Our future goals

  • Improve rural populations’ food and nutrition security, as well as their livelihoods.
  • Provide low-income customers with access to healthy food.
  • Provide farmers and local entrepreneurs with the know-how to help them become economic growth engines.
  • Improve the resistance of agri-food systems
  • Develop strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Come up with strategies for making better use of land, energy, water, nutrients, and labor in food production.
  • Ensure that maize and wheat biodiversity is used fairly.
  • Collaborate with other players, including researchers and universities, for a better food future for the world.