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Maize Research

We work with partners from all around the world to produce superior maize hybrids. In the tropics and subtropics of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, our work enhances food security and the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers and their families. Our research has been particularly beneficial in areas like sub-Saharan Africa, where…

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Wheat Research

Wheat demand is expected to grow by 50% by 2050. Meanwhile, wheat is facing new and more severe pests and diseases. There are other challenges, including; depleting water resources and limited accessible acreage for wheat growing. There is an urgent need to do something about wheat to ensure we increase its production. This…

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7 Tips for Grain Sorghum Yields

Here are some tips on how to enhance sorghum production: 1. Hybrid Selection Determine which sorghum seed hybrids are suitable for your region. When you plant the variety that has been shown to perform well in your area, you increase the chances of getting a good harvest. Look for hybrids with the maximum…

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